Dr. Jeffrey Long

Our mother L. Blanche Long, recently passed away after a lengthy stay at Arbors at Mifflin on Crider Road in Mansfield.

We, her family, would like to take this, opportunity, to publicly thank the nurses and caregivers of the dementia unit for the wonderful care they provided to our mother during her stay. Being frequent visitors to Mifflin, we were acutely aware that providing care to fragile seniors can be challenging. On this wing, each resident is treated as an individual with special wants and needs. We were impressed that to the caregivers at Mifflin, their work is not a job, it’s a calling.

They provided not only professional services but went beyond what was expected with hugs, laughs and sometimes tears. They do the work of the angels and we will never forget their kindness to our mother.

On behalf of the Blanche Long family

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