Vickie Ferich

Dear Mr. Granger,

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the care of my mother, Donna Speigle. She was on Wing C in room C-14. The staff treated her with respect and made her feel loved and safe. My sisters and I were so sad when we had to find a nursing home for my mom. This whole summer has been so sad and exhausting. Yet the facilities we were in gave us much comfort and love, including your facility.
We started out at Riverside Hospital back on June 1″. This is when we found out my mom would not recover from her illnesses. That she was terminal and needed hospice care. My sisters and I and our families were
devastated. You see, my mom is a pretty spectacular woman. She was the center of our universe.
After this turn of events mom was placed at Kobacker House which is a lovely hospice house in Columbus. She fast became a favorite there and made friends with the staff. She stayed there for two weeks. She basically outlived her stay. Don’t worry, we have all laughed about this situation. So we had to move on.
Mom just wanted to pass on in Columbus. She did not want to come back to Mansfield. We convinced her that family and friends would be able to visit her so much easier from the city she had called home for fifty years. We found Arbors at Mifflin and I was terrified. I didn’t know what to expect. I was ready to fight tooth and nail for the care that my lovely mother deserved. The first night at Arbor’s we were all exhausted and I was so sad. A wonderful aide came into mom’s room. Not mentioning any names, wait, of course I am mentioning names. These wonderful, beautiful women need the recognition. Anyhow, Deb came into the room and just sat down. At first I was like, “what is she doing?” Then something wonderful happened. She just started talking to mom and I. She made mom laugh and converse. I was moved. As that first week went by, more of the nurses, aides, and cleaning women, became people we recognized by name and became friends to my mom and my family. You are blessed to have such a loving crew. Deb, Leizel, Tammy, Airel, Sheila, Michelle, Jill, Bridgette, Pebbles. The list goes on. I didn’t get to know the night crew on wing C, but mom loved them also. Our beloved mom passed on a early Thursday morning on July 28th again, remember that she was everything to us. The nurse who called my sister said such lovely, comforting words to her. Thank you.
I know you told me you started working as the Administrator in February. Keep doing what
you are doing. Keep caring for these people that now call the Arbors at Mifflin their home. They need fearless leaders in their lives.

Thank you and God Bless

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